Landscapes Re-imagined

No. 1

This is a series of landscapes through a lens of colour in my head. The day I did the sketches for them it was a pretty driech (dull, miserable) Scottish day in Glenshee. Once I got back to the studio to paint, I decided I wanted to inject bright hues into the views and so chose a bright palette of colours.

These winding views are certainly inspired by David Hockney’s paintings of the Yorkshire landscape local to him. I saw some of those paintings of his at his retrospective exhibition at The Royal Academy back in 2012.

I used a much more limited palette, however, as I wanted to accentuate three of the colours most visible in the Highlands on the hills – when everything is not covered in snow, that is!

Sketch Glenshee Sketch Glenshee Sketch. Above: some of the sketches

No. 2                                                     11826060_940850115961369_4572159616968528349_n

Above: Two of the finished paintings

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